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Dr Sara Payne MBE & Shy Keenan

Our Mission: Educating a better understanding of Anti-Victim Prejudice, promoting good Emotional Health Services and working in the development & delivery of drug-free civilian PTSD management tools.

In 2000, Sara’s 8-year old daughter Sarah was abducted and murdered by a known paedophile and now a known convicted murderer. In that same year (against all AVP odds) Shy helped to trigger ‘Operation Phoenix’ a Merseyside police investigation/conviction of a paedophile network that abused many children, one of those children was Shy.

Shy had already set up and was voluntarily running ‘Phoenix Survivors’ to help those affected by ‘Operation Phoenix 2000’ and Sara was campaigning for Sarah’s Law, both were challenging the socially groomed systemic Anti-Victim Prejudice that all those victimised by paedophile crimes were facing.

Phoenix ShieldThe Phoenix Chief Advocate’s Grp was set (in 2003/4) by Shy Keenan and Sara Payne to advocate for the same. The name was changed to respectfully acknowledge the fact that ‘not all those victimised by paedophile crimes’ survive them. 

Working separately and together, but always in support of each other, Sara focused on challenging the paedophile’s taxpayer/government funded ‘secret keeping culture’ that was/is putting so many children’s lives at risk, whilst Shy put her focus into outlawing the institutional systemic Anti-Victim Prejudice (or AVP) that has its foot so firmly on the throat of child protection, that it can’t actually properly protect children.

Working together with the government (across all parties) the authorities (across the whole child protection system) the media and with the unprecedented support of the British public, Sara spearheaded the successful campaign for ‘Sarah’s Law’… as Shy set about making incredible strides across the whole of the child protection/social system ‘changing hearts & minds’ about the insidious, institutional ‘victim silencing’ AVP.

At the same time always working together to change AVP laws and policies, challenge bad child protection practice, victim injustice or failing victim support/recovery and compensation services, whilst constantly striving to get ‘the victims voice’ heard on the issues that matter to them, without the prejudice. Having worked together for well over decade, they have become Multi-awarded, respected and trusted voices. booksSeparately and together, their victim advocacy work has been warmly embraced by the British public and those they advocate for. Their work has been awarded and or acknowledged almost every year they have been victim’s advocates. Sara was awarded the MBE for her victim advocacy and child protection work by the Queen of England, both were awarded by this countries Prime Ministers of the day as ‘Britain’s Children’s Champions’.

h2They have also been a Pride of Britain, a Britain’s Most Inspiration Woman, a Britain’s Bravest Woman and Britain’s Woman of Year. Sara went onto become the first ever governments ‘Victim’s Champion’ helping to set up the first ever Victim’s Commission, her victim advocacy and child protection work was then academically acknowledged by the Open University with an honorary Doctorate for social engineering. Their advocacy work was also acknowledged by one of this country’s top government child protection agencies ‘CEOP‘ as Sara and Shy become the UK’s lead AVP consultants.

Media/Social Media friendly public speakers, who have worked with the countries award winning best, they were also fearless Justice campaigners/columnists for Britain’s most popular daily newspaper, Shy is also a fully qualified (API) Detective, they are both also international bestselling authors and are most frequently voted ‘Most Hated Females’ by the Online Sex Offender Community (and their supporters) for Sara & Shy’s relentless work for ‘online child protection’ services, since the internet started.

Picture1When we say ‘those victimised’ we mean all those victimised ..from the child to their families, their communities and their societies.

When we say ‘paedophile’ ..we mean all gender paedophiles who sexually abuse/exploit children under the legal age of consent.

When we say ‘paedophile crimes’ ..we mean all of the crimes that paedophiles commit from grooming, exploitation, sexual abuse to abduction and or murder/homicide.

Our advocacy services are and will always be free to those we advocate for, all ages, genders, cultures, faiths and ethnicities – across all of the UK.

As ‘The Phoenix Chief Advocates’ we work to outlaw Anti-Victim Prejudice – changing one AVP mind at a time, please click here to find out more about AVP.

h1Shy & Sara – In 2010 everything changed and despite all of the challenges we were both to face over the following 5 years, by 2012, we started to build The Phoenix Post’ community group to advocate for those victimised by paedophiles crimes and the systemic, institutionalised Anti-Victim Prejudice (or AVP) that goes with that and to promote better Emotional Health Services for those with Civilian PTSD. We were joined by the amazing Disability Rights advocate & our Chief Admin Terrijayne Butler. 

2015 – The Phoenix Post became a Fully Independent Registered ‘Not For Profit‘ Company

headPTSD CAN KILL! In our view, PTSD is first and foremost a medical condition, that can, if not properly treated with good NHS medical and Emotional Health Services, become and or exacerbate serious Mental Health conditions. Prescribed drugs are often one part of the Civilian PTSD management answer, so long as they sit alongside good Emotional Health Services with prescribed drug-free civilian PTSD management tools. So, from here on in, with the support of our amazing ‘Phoenix Friends’ we will be teaching virtual seminars/webinars from our brand new ‘Virtual Phoenix Headquarters’ or PhoenixVHQ.

curc22016Phoenix Rising We teach (not treat) via our new virtual Webinar classrooms. The truth for us, is that in the ‘real world’ our disabilities seriously disadvantage and socially exclude us in so many ways. In the ‘virtual world’ we have complete mobility and full access to the whole wide world. After everything and against all the odds & sods, we have finally started to move over to our fully virtual ‘PhoenixVHQ’ which marks the start of a brand new, far more ‘animated’ chapter in our Phoenix journey. Hope you will join us, Sara & Shy

2016 Update: We are now working to develop the Phoenix PTSD/Disabled friendly House & Garden 360 App, that we are then developing on to become a Virtual Reality game, S&S