Phoenix H&G AR/VR App/Game

Dr Sara Payne MBE & Shy Keenan

The Phoenix Post is a registered ‘Not For Profit’ company, we give our time & efforts for free and our game is funded by our amazing ‘Phoenix Friends’.

We are not driven by profit and whilst we may be new to this field, we learn fast and are fully commited to doing this right, whilst staying true to our Phoenix hopes and dreams for it. This project started in Sep 2016.

UPDATE 2017: We are currently developing our ‘real life as you live it’ Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality App/Game ..made for and by those who manage Civilian Post Traumatic Stress (or CPST) that we are calling ‘The Phoenix House & Garden AR/VR AppGame’.

We invented this game to help us and soon found that it was fun for everyone. To help us develop our game to its full potential, we’re building a 1/12 scale Mini-Model of the game. We then ‘360 film it‘ work on turning it into an App/Game. So we made a ‘Game Plan’.



UPDATE 2018: We can’t (for now) for Legal & Copyright reasons tell you exactly how the game plays or works, that said ‘The Phoenix H&G AR/VR App/Game’ is our drug-free emotional health management tool, that we are working to share with everyone, as soon as we can.

We have worked for years to help bring about an actual Phoenix House & Garden, to help us demonstraite things like the many different ways to support those who manage CPTS, but after careful consideration, if we were offered the funds for this project today, we would still spend it on the Phoenix House & Garden AR/VR App/Game version we firmly believe it is the only way forward for Phoenix. 

UPDATE Jan 2018: We are so pleased to announce that we have now moved on the ‘present’ part of our ‘GAME PLAN’ ..more to follow