Phoenix H&G AR/VR App/Game

Picture1Dr Sara Payne MBE & Shy Keenan

UPDATE 2017: We are currently developing an AR/VR Civilian Post Traumatic Stress (or CPST) & Disabled friendly House & Garden App/Game.

To help us develop it, we’re building a 1/12 scale Mini-Model of the game. To then ‘360 film it‘ then turn into an App, to then turn that into our Phoenix House & Garden AR/VR App/Game.

The Phoenix H&G App/Game – The Phoenix Post is a registered ‘Not For Profit’, we give our time & efforts for free and our game is funded by our amazing ‘Phoenix Friends’.

From both our personal & professional experiences, we know that CPTS CAN KILL. We understand that it is first and foremost ‘a medical condition’ that can, if not properly treated with good NHS medical & Emotional Health Services, become (and or exacerbate) serious Mental Health conditions.

Prescribed drugs are often one part of the Civilian Post Traumatic Stress management answer, so long as they also sit alongside good NHS prescribed drug-free CPTS management tools, they so often don’t and we are working to change that. ThPhoenix House & Garden AR/VR App/Game project started in Sep 2016 1



We can’t (for now) for Legal & Copyright reasons tell you exactly how the game plays or works, that said, The Phoenix H&G AR/VR App/Game is a drug-free CPTS management tool, made for and by those who manage Civilian Post Traumatic Stress.

We have worked for years to help bring about an actual CPTS friendly House & Garden, but after careful consideration, if we had the funds for this project, we would still spend it on the AR/VR App/Game version we firmly believe it is the way forward for Phoenix.