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2016 We are currently developing an AR/VR Civilian PTSD & Disabled friendly House & Garden App/Game. We’re building a 1/12 scale Mini-Model  ..so that we can ‘360 film it‘ ..in order to turn into a AR App, to then turn that into a VR Game.

The PTSD H&G App/Game – We give our time and effort for free and gladly welcome our wonderful ‘Phoenix Friends’ support to help us fund this amazing project. Click here to find out more on Facebook



IN OUR VIEW ..from both our personal & professional experiences, we know that PTSD CAN KILL. We understand that it is first and foremost ‘a medical condition’ that can, if not properly treated with good NHS medical & Emotional Health Services, become (and or exacerbate) serious Mental Health conditions.

Prescribed drugs are often one part of the civilian PTSD management answer, so long as they sit alongside good NHS prescribed drug-free PTSD management tools, they so often don’t and we are working to change that.

We have worked for years to help bring about an actual PTSD friendly House & Garden, but after careful consideration, if we had 3Mil for this project we would spend it on the Virtual Reality App& Game.

Thankfully, we don’t need anything like that amount to reach our Phoenix aim of a PTSD friendly House & Garden (£5000) to build a place that everyone can visit, learn or just enjoy, anytime.

Where Angels FearWe don’t treat, we teach. Via our ‘Phoenix Webinars & Podcasts’ we teach a new approach, a new PTSD thinking and work with some of the very best in their professional fields, helping to develop drug-free civilian PTSD management tools and promote good Emotional Health Services.

Who do we teach? Those who work in a professional capacity (treatment, care, protection or advocacy) with all those managing Civilian PTSD, from GP’s to MP’s to PC’s, the judicial and emergency services, Gov/Local authority public and commercial service providers across the UK.

We want better for our society and for the generations that come after us. For all the reasons we told you  about in ‘About Us’ and in our book ‘Where Angels Fear’ we believe we can help.  Educating the prejudice away and changing the way our society thinks about dealing with, treating and supporting those who manage civilian PTSD will take all of us. And, whilst we are  giving it all we have, we very much welcome donors & sponsors to help us on our way.

Any more information or questions just contact us here or just click on the PayPal link below, you don’t even need a PayPal account, it will accept any card, any amount with our most sincere thanks :0) 

Thank you for listening, Sara & Shy

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