Anti-Victim Prejudice #AVP

shyhuffavpNow before you come to say hello you should know, whilst I do speak publicly, I do come with a few rules and ‘tudes of my own – So, please be advised my blogs are not for the emotionally sensitive or vulnerable and, as for anyone else, if you don’t like my posts then please just stop looking and/or formally complain (in writing) to the victims ombudsman #OFFPISS!

My name is Shy Keenan and I was born and broken in Birkenhead Merseyside – UK. By the time I was 14, I’d been orphaned, physically emotionally and sexually abused, indecently filmed, photographed, drugged, sold and left for dead, uneducated, sent to children jail for stealing, failed and exploited by the authorities and deeply prejudiced by a groomed abusive and frightened society…

Thank goodness I’m also a natural born phoenix. It’s practically embedded into my DNA – to rise from the ashes of a dark place and strive to live a good life worth living, whilst I’m alive.  For full Huff blog click here. Or come say hello @ShyKeenan