The Phoenix PTSD friendly House & Garden VR App/Game   Recently updated !

  03/10/2016 Dear all, with the help of our Phoenix friends and supporters, we are please to announce, that instead of trying to build an actual civilian PTSD friendly House & Garden ..we are now building/developing a fully immersive Virtual Reality PTSD friendly House & Garden App & Game. Click here to see more …S&S



The Film Inspired By Shy Keenan

More About Peter Berry TELEVISION NOBLE CAUSE (Tiger Aspect) Current Original series co-created with Tony Fuller about anti-corruption operations in the Met in the ‘90s DOING GOOD Current Pilot for an original series about an aid agency, written with Alasdair Palmer THE MAN WHO OWNED THE BOMB (BBCWW/ HBO) Current 5 x 60′ based on […]


Thank you Lloyd Embley

Sending our ‘special thanks’ to the Editor-In-Chief at the Daily/Sunday Mirror Lloyd Embley for his personal commitment to The Phoenix Post ‘not to use’ the deeply victim/survivor offensive Anti-Victim Prejudice (#AVP) phrase ‘child porn’. Challenging Media #AVP We don’t expect to change AVP hearts & minds overnight, indeed, it has been a long and weary road […]