We Retire As Advocates

09/10/2017 We Retire As Advocates ..we are no longer taking on any new casework as advocates, as we have now formally retired as advocates ..and our fee advocacy services. We are proud of our advocacy record and hope it speaks for itself today and in the years to come.

Why are we retiring? Not because we want to, but after years of being subjected to an unprecedented and determined campaign of abuse and lies, aimed at us and our work (which has always relied on the trust and kindness of Phoenix friends and strangers) our ability to do our work has been so negatively impacted and impeded by this abuse, it’s no longer possible to continue on.

We stood our ground and will always continue to stand our ground when it comes to being abused, we sincerely promise that the failings and weakness’s in this matter, are not ours.

If, in the years to come, we are ever genuinely offered the funding required to re-open our ‘advocacy’ services, we will revisit this decision, then and then only.

We have families and lives to recover, our Phoenix focus will now be fully on working with our ‘Phoenix Friends & Mentors’ to complete the H&G AR/VR Game and support our #THINKHUMAN work. Many thanks, Sara & Shy