The Phoenix Virtual HQ Appeal

Thank you to our ‘Phoenix Friends’ for helping us

to upgrade to our Virtual HQ

CnApZsOWYAEagZvWe are Dr Sara Payne MBE & Shy Keenan –  Multi-award winning advocates who work voluntarily for our fully independent, registered

Not For Profit/Non-Government Organisation

‘The Phoenix Post’ Established by us, in 2015.

Terrijayne Butler is our Chief Admin & Disability Rights Advocate.

What do we do? We teach. We speak for those (like us) whose lives have been victimised by paedophile crimes ..and against the socially groomed Anti-Victim Prejudice (or AVP) that re-abuses us all, for whole life-times ..long after the actual crimes.

If you’re not at the table, then you’re probably on the menu. We are very differently abled and both manage civilian PTSD, we had to find a way ‘to be there’ to do our voluntary Phoenix work, even when we could not ‘be there’ in person.

We found a way…


Virtual Mobility. We came to learn that with a fully functioning ‘Virtual HQ’ we can have full world-wide access without so many ‘mobility limitations’. So, with our Phoenix friends support, we built a cutting edge PTSD & disabled friendly ‘VHQ’ to work from, to help us achieve our Phoenix aims.

Our aims – To teach exclusively through our Phoenix online Webinars & Podcasts, to develop the Virtual Reality PTSD/Disabled friendly House & Garden AR/VR App & Game and to make the satirical Phoenix VHQ Stop-Animation shorts to help raise awareness of the issues that matter to us.

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