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Dr Sara Payne MBE & Shy Keenan – multi-award winning Phoenix Chief Advocates (now retired).

 Why No Reply? Our Phoenix Advocacy services are closed and we are not taking on any new cases. We are working on raising the funds to reopen them, as soon as we do, we will update you all here.

That said, we have committed to continue to work voluntarily for the ‘The Phoenix’ in order to complete our Phoenix H&G AR/VR App/Game and Phoenix Kitchen projects. Consultants, Speakers, Media, Progs, Docs, Films, Makers of the Phoenix H&G AR/VR App/Game & The Phoenix Kitchen, please email us below.

For all media, press, book, film, writing, songwriting, TV, program, documentary, film consultancy enquiries for both ladies ..please contact MBA agents first. 

By Telephone – 0845 527 … this number is by appointment only, please email to arrange a telephone appointment. Charges apply, please check with your mobile/landline service providers.  

Please note: We are differently abled and rely almost entirely on our digital mobility to do our Phoenix work by Skype (which is free) all Skype meetings are via email invitation/appointment only.

By Post – The Phoenix Post – PO BOX 7771. Colchester. Essex (UK) CO2 0YB Registered NFP Company: 09911723 


About our Terms Of Contact If you can agree (in writing) to our ‘AVP free’ Terms Of Contact, only then can we consider working together.

Terms Of Contact: Our ‘Anti-Victim Prejudice’ TOC policies means we only work with those who pre-agree in writing NOT to use the TOP AVP phrases; Child Porn/Child Prostitute/Rentboy/Alleged Victim/Historical Sex Crimes ..when publishing/broadcasting your work/talking to and or about us, no matter who you are. In 2016 we added ‘Child Slag’ to this list. If you/your company can’t agree, we can’t work with you.


Important Notice; We do not want or welcome ANY contact from stalkers/sex offenders or their supporters/advocates/agents via any means, method or media, all such harassment/abuse is always reported to the appropriate authorities without exception.

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