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SSSS!We are Dr Sara Payne MBE & Shy Keenan

 We work voluntarily for our fully independent

Registered Not For Profit/Non-Government Org (09911723) 


What do we do? We speak for those (like us) whose lives have been victimised by paedophile crimes and against the socially groomed Anti-Victim Prejudice that re-abuses us all, long after the actual crimes were committed.

We don’t treat, we teach. We help to educate Government & Social Policy, law makers, child protectors, PTSD service care providers, the media and AR/VR game makers.

What do we need funding for? We want to build a special bespoke PTSD/Stroke/Disabled friendly ‘Occupational Therapy’ Garden Pod for Sara. We want to protect and develop our PTSDH&G AR/VR App/Game so have a ‘Phoenix Equipment Wish List’ to help us achieve that.

How exactly will we spend your kindness? 

1/ A PTSD/Stroke/Disabled Friendly ‘Occupational Therapy’ Garden Pod. 

PaypalDonateButton2/ Phoenix Equipment Wish List:

PaypalDonateButton3/ The PTSDH&G AR/VR App/Game  

PaypalDonateButtonOur aims? Educating a better understanding of Anti-Victim Prejudice. Promoting good NHS Emotional Health Services, working in the development & delivery of drug-free Civilian PTSD management tools.

We give our time for free and when we need to do more for Phoenix than we can achieve alone, we rely on the kindness of our Phoenix Friends & Supporters.

Important note: We spend your funding on equipment and services to run our PTSD and disabled friendly Phoenix Virtual HQ. Along with our sincere thanks, we provide immediate ‘product receipts’ to our equipment/service sponsors as required. Should ‘The Phoenix Post’ ever close, we would auction & donate any remaining profits to other Reg NFP Orgs working within our field. 


                     OTHER WAYS TO HELP US 

Where Angels Fear

You Can Download Our BESTSELLING Book 

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You Can Download Our Song


All of our profits for the book & song go to The Phoenix Post.


By Post: You Can Send Cheques Payable To –

The Phoenix Post, PO Box 7771,

Colchester, Essex.