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Hello, I am Dr (HONS) Sara Payne MBE, I am the VCEO of my fully independent, registered (09911723) ‘Not For Profit’ Company ‘The Phoenix Post’.

Phoenix Creative, Shy Keenan and I, work together (voluntarily) for The Phoenix Post, to promote our Phoenix #THINKHUMAN🎗️ campaign and to help build/develop/deliver our Civilian Post Traumatic Stress friendly H&G Game.

As experienced, multi-award wining advocates, law makers, Social Policy changers (now retired) and International Bestselling Authors, we worked for years advocating for those enduring the Anti-Victim Prejudice (#AVP) suffered by those whose lives have been victimised by paedophile crimes.

We’ve spent many years helping to educate Government & Social Policies, law makers, child protectors, Civilian Post Traumatic Stress ‘service care providers’, and the media on outlawing AVP and for better NHS Emotional Health Services and now ‘game makers’, on how to help our kind. #TechForGood

When it comes to our game, we’re CPTS patients not doctors, we are seasoned game players, but learner gamemakers (that said, we’re are both fast learners) and we’re taking all we have collectively learnt, over many years of our Phoenix work, and putting it into the development & delivery of our Phoenix House & Garden AR/VR Game, fun for everyone, made for and by those who manage Civilian Post Traumatic Stress.

OUR PHOENIX AIMS: To m22ake/deliver the Phoenix House & Garden Game, peacefully/lawfully work to update #SarahsLaw, OUTLAW Anti-Victim Prejudice, help bring about a #VictimsLaw, a #StalkersRegister and change unjust laws that re-abuse and socially disadvantage those already victimised by crime, that we now collectively call our #THINKHUMAN🎗️ campaign.


PaypalDonateButtonABOUT HELPING US: You can help fund our Game  projects or our #THINKHUMAN campaign by clicking on the PayPal button here, you don’t even need a PayPal account and can use any card on our secure PayPal server.   


We give our time for free and when we need to do more for Phoenix than we can achieve alone, we rely on the kindness of our Phoenix Friends & Supporters. Our aim is to make our Phoenix game, to help fund our Phoenix work. On behalf of all those we advocate for and to all of our ‘Phoenix Friends’, from our Phoenix hearts to yours, we ‘never forget’ that we could not have come this far without your support and kindness, sincerely, forever thank you.

Important note: We spend your funding on IT equipment, content and services to run our ‘Phoenix Virtual HQ’ and more recently on the Phoenix House & Garden Game. Along with our sincere thanks, we provide immediate ‘product receipts’ to our equipment/service sponsors as required. Should ‘The Phoenix Post’ ever close, we would auction & donate any remaining profits to other Reg NFP Orgs working within our field. 



You Can Download Our BESTSELLING Book  Where Angels Fear 

You Can Download Our Song ‘Whisper To The Wind’ ft Amata.

All of our profits for the book & song go to The Phoenix Post. 

By Post: You Can Send Cheques Payable To –

The Phoenix Post, PO Box 7771 Colchester, Essex. UK. CO2 0YB