Anti-Victim Prejudice AVP

ssAnti-Victim Prejudice (or AVP) First published in 2006, updated in 2014/2015. 

If you’re a child protector who has never heard of ‘Anti-Victim Prejudice’ to be honest, we’re more afraid of you, than we are of the paedophiles.”  Dr Sara Payne MBE & Shy Keenan



Anti-Victim Prejudice (or AVP) is, in essence, when somebody/anybody, in any way, uses the fact that you are the victim of any paedophile crime to unjustly socially disadvantage you or discriminate against you and or your Legal & Human Rights.

Quick example; by unjustly pre-judging those victimised by paedophile crimes, this act alone abuses their Legal & Human Rights to ‘not to be punished for someone else’s crime’ let alone the ‘not being punished for anything without a fair trial’ rights and laws.

h1Please note: About paedophiles; In our opinion, there is no mystery, no ‘hoped for’ complicated answers with clever scientific cures, they are not physically, genetically or mentally challenged or disabled in any way, the truth is cold and hard to hear, but very simple.

Paedophiles do what they do, because they want to

and because they can.

Our position re their position; We have come to learn that you can never do anything about what people ‘want’ to do, but you can do a great deal about what they ‘can’ do. We chose to lawfully get in their way, please do feel free to join or support us at anytime.

Rape is sadly an acknowledged illegal weapon of war. We believe paedophilia is a form of sexual terrorism that needs its own Government Anti-Terror Unit, trained in Anti-Terror paedophile propaganda and we believe that all incurable paedophiles belong in lifelong Pay-As-They-Go jail.

For clarity; We advocate for those victimised by paedophile crimes and the AVP that goes with that, never for those who perpetrate them. When we say ‘those victimised by paedophile crimes’ we mean all of those victimised ..from the children (humans under 16) to their families, their communities and their societies. When we say ‘paedophile’ we mean male and female paedophiles ..and when we say ‘paedophile crimes’ we mean all of the crimes that paedophiles commit from grooming/child rape to abduction and/or murder.


a9AVP has been around for as long as ‘paedophiles, their facilitators and their supporters’ have been around. There has, in our view, over the years, been a very focused, successful and mostly unchallenged social AVP grooming campaign undertaken by the Paedophile Information Exchange (but supported by all likeminded ever since) which has undermined all of child protection and indeed all those that paedophiles victimise ..ever since.

Basic AVP history short version – In the 1970′s a group of wealthy powerful paedophiles and their supporters (further supported by their US/Dutch counterparts) set up an organisation called the Paedophile Information Exchange (or PIE).

PIE’s main aims, amongst other things, are ..

  • to decriminalise paedophile crimes.
  • to undermine all those claiming to be victims of paedophile crimes.
  • to set up the first ever legitimate UK pro-paedophile political party.
  • to maintain the paedophiles AVP groomed secret keeping culture.
  • to make paedophiles ‘a socially acceptable’ specially protected sexual minority.
  • to have paedophilia lawfully declared as a legitimate disability that comes with state enforced protection laws.

Sadly for our society, paedophile advocates win many of these legally aided ‘legal arguments’ with the Government and frequently quote the online violent vigilante posts and websites as proof and evidence that they need this special taxpayer funded protection/treatment/secrecy.

Luckily for our society, we had Dr Sara Payne MBE fighting back with ‘Sarah’s Law’ ..otherwise known as the Sex Offender Disclosure Law ..otherwise known as the biggest dent ever made in one of the paedophiles biggest re-offending & AVP weaponry ..their socially groomed systemic ‘secret keeping culture’. 

One of PIE’s main aims to set up the first ever UK political paedophile party to further institutionally embed their pro-paedophile (and their victim silencing AVP) policies and social protections into our social and judicial systems.

For more on PIE ‘Google it’ but please be careful what links you click on. Trusted news sources only, which only ensures better online safety, not necessarily truth or fact.

Open mind & 15 mins to spare? Join in our AVP.. 

webinar2THE AVP HARM DONE NOTES The fact remains that institutionalised systemic Anti-Victim Prejudice is one of the major core reasons why child protection does not and cannot properly protect children in the year 2015. An AVP  groomed society has evolved an AVP child protection system that cannot legally put the child first ..let alone legally protect them. 

Over the years, AVP has been embedded into our social systems by the socially grooming paedophiles, the blind, groomed and ignorant, which has evolved into the social victim prejudicing/blaming monster that we are all faced with today.  

As a direct result of this unchallenged systemic institutionalised AVP, victims are now faced with entire social and judicial systems that unlawfully abuses and prejudicially discriminates against the child/adult victims and actually works to better protect the paedophiles. For more on this, please just Google research Operation Care, Operation Phoenix, Operation Emotion or the Oxford, Rochdale, Savile, Rotherham child abuse scandals.

CPAVP is the reason why

  • victims of child sexual abuse are the only victims of serious crimes, socially groomed into calling childrens charities BEFORE reporting direct to the police.
  • children under the legal age of consent are forced to argue ‘consent to sex’ under the legal age of consent, in a court of law.
  • the only person/people in a court case without legally aided solicitors are the child/adult victims of child sexual abuse.
  • blood related cousins are not protected by UK Incest laws.
  • the British public can’t accept, let alone acknowledge, that there are and always were at as many male victims (if not more) as there are female victims of child sexual abuse.
  • disabled children cannot get equal protection or justice within a court of law.
  • the public can’t accept female paedophiles, let alone describe their sex crimes against children ‘as sex crimes against children’.
  • female paedophiles have been able to AVP groom most of society into believing their biggest lie ..that they only rape children because male paedophiles made them do it.  
  • why the media will not describe the child victims under the legal age of consent, as sexually abused ‘children’.
  • the police can give a self-confessed baby rapist with a brave disclosing child victim and supportive family ..a police caution.

Social AVP Grooming is very self-evident when victim/survivors talk to the media, everytime we talk about actual victims, they talk about ‘those who lie about being victims’, everytime we talk about actual paedophiles ‘they talk about those who may be falsely accused’, everytime we talk about actual victim support or compensation ..they treat us like unattended luggage.

AVP is a major core reason why society cannot secure the proper child protection it needs, it’s why victims can’t get the justice, treatment or recovery services they need and deserve ..and is why paedophiles can often get away with murder, both actually and metaphorically.

Almost without exception all paedophiles have upwards of six child victims per offender. However, because of the social grooming, the systemic AVP and the actual victim grooming, paedophile victims can take years, even decades ‘to tell’. This grooming fact alone makes an absolute mockery of any alleged re-offending statistics put out by so-called offender rehab trials.

That said, paedophiles know this, which is why they’re fighting so hard to get a shorter time limit imposed ‘by law’ on CSA crime reporting. The very fact that there is any ‘legal time limit’ on child sexual abuse victim reporting, shows how badly ‘AVP groomed’ the child protectors and the justice system itself have become. Further still, how little they know about paedophile grooming. Click for continued AVP Webinar Notes


Where Angels FearWe are working to change AVP hearts and minds, to educate the AVP out of child protection, to get all child protectors to commit ‘not to use’ these AVP words/phrases when talking to or about those victimised by paedophile crimes and asking all child protectors to develop ‘an AVP policy’ as part of their own work with our kind ..with some success.

We need every parent, ex-child and every victim (who can) to speak to/write to their MP’s about Anti-Victim Prejudice, ask them to acknowledge AVP …and ask them to help us all to outlaw it.

To find out more about us and our work together challenging Anti-Victim Prejudice and working for (prejudice free) NHS civilian PTSD services – please read our BESTSELLING book ‘Where Angels Fear’. 

“The only way that bad people prevail when good men and women do nothing.”