Legal & Human Rights

lawIf you or someone you know has been victimised by paedophile crimes, below is a list of safe links with key information and services.

Our best advice to you all is that as soon as you can …report the crime direct to the police ‘in the area that the crime was committed’… just dial 101 from any landline, ask to be connected to the right police area and go from there.

The police dealing with your crime report will be able to connect you to all of the victim support services and we sincerely advise that you also talk to your own GP about what you are going through, they can help you access further Emotional Health Services.


Code Of Practice For Victims Of Crime


Witness Protection and Anonymity


Threatening or Intimidating Witness.


Human Rights Act 1998


European Commission – Rights Of The Victim.


Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings for Victims and Witnesses.  


The CPS – Victims and Witnesses. 




Victim Support.


After A Crime: Your Rights


Victims’ Right to Review Scheme


Legal Aid Agency.


Citizens Advice Bureau.


The Law Society

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.


Attorney General (28 day) Appeal an Unduly Lenient Sentence/Tariff.


The Victims’ Commissioner