The Phoenix Post Way Forward

 The Phoenix Post Way Forward. Working voluntarily for our fiercely independent registered Not For Profit Org, we believe that the best way to help our kind in the future, is through the game we are now developing.

So, taking everything we have learnt over the years, we developed it into a drug-free management tool, made for and by those who manage civilian PTSD, that we call the ‘PTSD House & Garden AR/VR App/Game’.

Future plan, with the help of our Phoenix friends, mentors & supporters, we have built the mini working ‘Phoenix Kitchen’ to help us raise the funds needed to protect and develop the PTSDH&G AR/VR App/Game.

Working from our PhoenixVHQ, our aim is to then sell the game, to fund two advocates (on a living wage) for three years, at which point, we would indeed be able to re-open our advocacy services, which have and always will be, free to those we advocate for.

This could take a few years to achieve and like with every endeavour in life, will take a lot of time effort and patience and guarantees nothing.

That said, our determined awarded hardworking record speaks for itself and we are now fully focused and committed to our Phoenix future plan and way forward.

 We are launching the ‘Phoenix Kitchen’ YouTube channel to help us raise the funds for the Garden Care Pod for Sara, to help us develop and protect the game, to then sell it to fund the reopening of our advocacy services.

Step 1 – Garden Care Pod.

Step 2 – Develop/Protect/Sell Game.

Step 3 – Re-open Phoenix Advocacy Services.

We will update you here as we go :0) Many thanks S&S