COMING SOON: About the Stalkers Register; as a result of our experiences as stalker victims/survivors over many years, both in the real and virtual worlds, as both as victim/survivor advocates and as human beings, we’ve been relentlessly, separately and collectively unlawfully victimised and abused by what has now evolved into a gang of sex offender supporting ‘stalkers’ determined to bully us into silence. 

One was jailed in Feb of this year (2019) for Breaching A Protection Order

We remain determined to lawfully stand up for our legal and human rights.

We turned to justice to protect us and found it sadly lacking in so many areas, that we felt compelled to do something about it.

To that end, our aim is to set up a ‘Stalkers Register’ not too dissimilar to the Sex Offenders Register with the Sarah’s Law disclosure rights. We’ll be back with much more on this in good time. Do watch this space. The Phoenix Post Team