Dr Sara Payne MBE

11aabbackDr Sara Payne MBE: International Bestselling Author & Multi-Award Winning Phoenix Chief Advocate for ‘The Phoenix Post’ a fully independent NFP/NGO founded by Shy & I in 2016 – to help us realise our Civilian PTSD Garden dreams.

Our News Library pages are a work in progress. Don’t click on the books, click on the white arrow button below :0) We both manage severe PTSD, we have both faced many challenges in our lives, just the last six years have left us both very differently abled.

So for us, these pages are much more than ‘news library timelines’ of the last 17 years of our lives, for us, remembering ‘where we came from’ seems more important to us now, as we work to move forward in 2016.

We have edited all footage for legal reasons and to respect the rights of others to tell their own stories, please do come back and check for any updates, thank you for your patience, Sara

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