TOP 5 Most #AVP Phrases

h2TOP 5 most victim offensive AVP words/phrases 

Child Prostitute – Rentboy – Child Porn – Historical Sex Crimes – Alleged Victim. 

Please just ask yourself this, why would those victimised by paedophile crimes want to speak to or deal with people who talk to and or about them their childhood abusers do?

If you use or plan to use any of the top AVP words/phrases in any media work you plan to do with us  ..we just can’t work with you. And if I/we do work together ..we will need that AVP free agreement in writing first, hope you will understand.

To find out more about Anti-Victim Prejudice click here: It is now almost universally acknowledged that those victimised by paedophile crimes suffer a unique, deeply unjust, even unlawful, social Anti-Victim Prejudice (or AVP) a discrimination perpetrated by our AVP groomed social and judicial systems and establishments.

It is also acknowledged that AVP is what stops child protectors from protecting very small children ..and what stops adult victims of child sexual abuse from telling.

If you want victims/survivors faith and confidence, the first thing you need to do is stop using their childhood abusers language to speak to or about them.

Changing hearts & minds. Using what we call AVP ‘offender speak’ only helps paedophiles to silence their victims, so it’s up to each individual person to examine their own conscience on this. We find most good decent people don’t want to help paedophiles further silence already very traumatised victimised children and indeed adult victims of child sexual abuse.

We believe that if we/you take the AVP ‘offender speak’ out of child protection and back out of normal people speak  ..this act alone will start to help change groomed AVP hearts and minds about outlawing this deeply unjust prejudice, it will help to start turning this paedophile tide around, by empowering the victims and enabling child protectors to really protect children.

THE TOP 5 Most victim offensive AVP words/phrases; Child Prostitute – Rentboy – Child Porn – Historical Sex Crimes – Alleged Victim.

1/2 Child Prostitute/Rentboy ..I was never a child prostitute ..I was a prostituted child and until the child protectors understand this, they’ll never turn this paedophile tide. Shy Keenan

3/ Child Porn – Whether the child abuser was the other side of the computer screen, behind the camera or under the blanket, they are all equally the reason ‘that horrible stuff’ was happening to me at anyone’s hands. Those ‘child abuse images’ were crime scene pictures of the rape and sexual exploitation of me as a child ..and calling ‘child abuse images’ ‘child porn’ only helps the PA£DOPHIL£S sell their child victims via their vile Darknet. Shy Keenan

4/ Historical Sex Crimes – They never say historical murder or historical stabbing, they call them ‘unsolved crimes’. What is so bad about this offensive AVP trick/lie? They say ‘historic’ to give off a false sense of safety, even distance, whilst nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is that if the paedophile has never been challenged or stopped, then the paedophile never stopped and are more likely now to have many more current child victims. Furthermore, there’s nothing ‘historic’ about the ongoing lifelong damage and harm paedophiles leave in their destructive wake. Dr Sara Payne MBE

5/ Alleged Victim – No such thing as an alleged victim, only an ‘alleged offender’ who automatically gets a whole raft of Legal Aid protected legal/human rights ..that victims do not get. There was nothing alleged about what happened to my daughter and my family ..they never say alleged burglary or alleged car theft is a reported crime with an alleged offender. Dr Sara Payne MBE

Changing AVP hearts & minds ..if these are just words that mean nothing to you ..we hope you will find a way to lift them out of your speak when talking to or about those victimised by paedophiles crimes. It may mean nothing to you, but it would change the world for the better for all of us.

To outlaw AVP we need everyone to become an AVP advocate peacefully challenge it wherever we see it or feel it. There are a possible 10 million of us adult taxpaying/voting human beings being prejudicially ‘socially excluded’ just because we were the victims of someone else crimes, don’t tolerate it. Talk to your MP’s about AVP ..if they won’t work to outlaw AVP ..tell them you will vote someone in who will. To see more on AVP Click Here ..

Further note our horror, in 2016 we have been forced to add the appalling phrase ‘child slag’ to our AVP word list.