Phoenix Launch URGENT Funding Appeal

Phoenix Funding Appeal: We work voluntarily for our registered ‘Not For Profit’ Org. We are working to raise £10,000 to help us build a Garden Care Pod and secure the funding we need to complete and deliver our Phoenix House & Garden AR/VR App/Game, made for and by those who manage Civilian Post Traumatic Stress.

We received news this week that work is to start on Sara’s home to make it more stroke friendly, which is indeed much awaited good and welcome news, however, it has changed our priorities and we’re working to keep up.

So we are appealing to all of our ‘Phoenix Friends’ to include ‘The Phoenix Post’ on their Christmas gift list this year if they can. If you know anyone who can help us, please do point them in our direction. You don’t need a PayPal account and can use any card to donate through our secure payment link below and did you know that you can make it a monthly donation if you want :0) Many many thanks S&S