Am I a Child Prostitute or a Prostituted Child?


I was sold for sex from a very early age by the adults in my life. I didn’t want or like what they did but I was powerless to stop them. I couldn’t comprehend any of the long-term lifelong problems it would cause… I just knew it was bad horrible and I wanted it to stop.

I had no clue when they filmed and photographed their sex crimes against me all those years ago, that I would be abused and haunted by them for the rest of my life… worse still, that they would be used to hurt others.

Social grooming:¬†Paedophiles invented the phrase ‘child porn’ to downplay the crime, to undermine victim justice and because they were struggling to sell ‘child abuse images’ on the ‘PAEDOPHIL¬£$’ Darkenet. For full Huffpost click here